Opening Windows to God

In the words of naturalist John Muir: "Oh, these vast, calm, measureless mountain days...opening a thousand windows to show us God." Cap told an audience, "I don't think anything could better describe why we got started here years ago than to say, we wanted to keep opening windows to show kids God."

Our Vision

To inspire a love for God and a willingness to turn to Him in prayer.

Our Purpose

To provide recreational adventure, leadership, service, education and community activities that foster spiritual growth and healing in an environment where Christian Science is lived.

Our Organization

The ongoing strength of our spiritual resolve started with a most fundamental process, setting organizational goals which benchmark our progress to measure success. The desire to spiritualize each idea as our starting point and foundation has led to blessings that are immeasurable. We're excited to share and invite you to read our fiscal year 2021 Organizational Key Results & Priorities.

Our Strategic Plan

Every five years, Adventure Unlimited drafts a strategic plan that serves as a roadmap to guide the organization, unite key stakeholders with a common vision and language, provides perspectives and benchmarks to ascertain progress and propel the organization forward, all aligned to fulfilling our mission of "Opening Windows to God" for generations to come.

Read the 2022 Strategic Plan Online  Download the 2022 Strategic Plan


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